August 14, 2016


MachTig Solutions develops and deliver quality mobile and web apps . We provide an end-to-end solution that includes software and services to help companies confront the development and operations collaboration challenges posed by rapid development and delivery of new apps.

MachTig development and operations team deals with software and infrastructure to support rapid application releases, and provides PHP applications with a high level of reliability, performance and security, both on-premise and in the cloud.

MachTig Solutions have already deliver many quality apps for the leading corporates and looking for more opportunities in the near future.

We have expertise working on different technologies such as WordPress, Joomla , Python, Php, Ruby n rail, in web development, native app development wih Xaml, C#, Java, Objective C, swift,IONC, AWS, SAP Hybris etc.

MachTig helps to establish and drive usage of the PHP language around the world. Today, over 200 million apps and web sites run on PHP, which is used by an estimated 5 million developers.PHP is among the most popular languages for corporate web development, sometimes referred to as “Internet English”. It is the most frequent choice for the backend of cloud applications; in recent research four out of five decision makers confirmed that their teams can develop faster in PHP, and that PHP provides the easiest choice for the development of cloud apps.

We have our past experiences working with different clientele and domains providing solution to large product development companies.