STEP 1 : Use this URL to initiate the entire process of Linkedin developer account access. Here it is https://developer.linkedin.com

STEP 2 : Here, Tap on Create App option and fill all mandatory fileds :-
App name : “Name of the App according to you.
LinkedIn Page : “Mention your page URL/Search by Company Name
OR You can create a new Linkedin Page here first.

App logo: “Logo of your app profile.
<Submit your application after filling all details.>

STEP 3 : Now , we will receive Client ID and Client Secret in Auth option.
In setttings -> We need to verify the company account here.

STEP 4 : First we need to get authentication code then we can get the access token,and rememeber that authentication code will be expire in sometime so we need to do our implementation as a priority bases..

For getting authentiation code, use this link::


Here write your client id =>
scope => its a kind of permission in my case it is “w_member_social”; means share on Linkedin (dont use quotes while putting)
state=> someRandomString
redirect Uri=> check yourself what you have mentioned (i have used callback.php file )

STEP 5 : Then you will see this code


Copy only code part, Here it is

Code part=> AQQ60dXPRoTFxAzvYw1hBVBN32vEe-xPdWx0LP87tmZ_DvCup6ePecl4CFnFsVMob1HvyzKObPjWNxpmtP-6fi5WDLgvXRVqUsjVteWhY8Msa-P5dz81KgE2Bf56NOR6XU1rzu0t_DWCVEiG85TPUkfGOZbKsauSkQZJjLT6sRYfgPpKS6JYVRmks6yVHEH4iWxTpKDvSDKv4xiH-L

Note: This authentication code is for only presentation, which has already expired.

STEP 6 : Then use this link to get Access Token


write credentials and then you will get access token ,yeah!!!! job done

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