About Us

At Machtig, we are passionate about leveraging technology to transform businesses and drive innovation. Established in 2012, we have emerged as a leading IT solutions provider, dedicated to delivering cutting-edge services to clients worldwide.

Who Are We?

Machtig Solutions is a distinguished boutique software development company renowned for delivering top-tier quality. Our expertise spans diverse technical and functional domains, and our passionate team of technical professionals is dedicated to crafting exceptional solutions in the ever-evolving tech landscape.

Comprising a group of engineers with rich experiences and expertise from leading IT enterprises, we bring excellence and reliability to our products. Machtig Solutions is a publicly listed company headquartered in Delhi NCR. Our wide-ranging solutions encompass enterprise web and mobile development, as well as cloud-based offerings.

With a track record of serving diverse clients across various domains, including large product development companies, we prioritize the unwavering quality, performance, and security of our products. Our commitment to employing best engineering practices ensures client satisfaction and superior solutions."

Our statistics speak for themselves.

We deliver cost-effective technology solutions and services that combine the best of both worlds: cutting-edge technology and affordability. Our core strengths lie in tackling intricate challenges and crafting applications. Our development processes are optimized for rapid turnaround without compromising on quality outcomes.


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